Lil Wayne Is Not Finished With His Dedication; Here Is Part Two Of "D6"

By Alox

You heard right. Fifteen tracks just aren't enough for Wayne to leave us with. After revealing that there were too many songs for just one mixtape, Wayne had explained that he and his team decided to break "Dedication 6" into two parts.

After attacking some of today's hits on part one of D6, such as Kendrick Lamar's "DNA", Post Malone's "Rockstar" with Nicki Minaj, Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3", Kodak Black's "Roll In Peace", and many more, Wayne aims to destroy even more!

Wayne proved he's not rusty with metaphors and punchlines that the listener may not catch until their tenth plus listen of a record.

Like the intoxicating flow and assault of the beat on "Eureka":

Put some money on subpoena's
Could've gave that to Miss Cita 
Nigga stunting, he a skeezer 
From the heart and out the speakers
I was young, I heard the preacher
I grew up and met the reaper
That codeine my anesthesia
Tried to kick, but this ain't FIFA
She snort one line, want a sequel
She snort two and want a threesome
She snort three lines, yell "Adidas"
When I bust I yell "eureka"
When I bust I yell "eureka"
When she bust she yell for Jesus
Drop her off at the cathedral
She come back with a bunch of singles
Phones are tapped, we switch the lingo
Hustle where the grass is greener
Clean the blood off the walls then break out the Stanley Steamer...

With the bomb that is "Family Feud", the collaboration we always hope for, Wayne and Drake, dropping on us, the amazing effort that is "Big Bad Wolf", and the return of the "I Can't Feel My Face" duo on "Bloody Mary", we're all very ready to hear more.

So, how about twenty more tracks?

Let's jump right into it! Thank you, once again, DatPiff, for the premiere:

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