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Lil Wayne Drops "Big Bad Wolf"


Lil Wayne will be following up his triumphant mixtape return Dedication 6 with Dedication 6 Reloaded.

We just got the latest single from that effort, Big Bad Wolf.

It's the blood gang, it's the money gang
Red rags to riches, need happy endings
Then it's back to business and we laugh at sentencin
Hungry lawyers make a snack out witnesses
Hungry artists, all starving artists in the kitchen, restaurant, and the cafeterias
Don't make a difference if you taste the difference
Better pay the difference to the racketeerers
Now your good luck lookin like you crackin' mirrors
Now the artificial become sacrificial
That's a body count, where the mathematician
Where the wettest clitoris and fattest nipples
Where the ass that jiggle, where the grab or tickle
Where the throat deep enough to land a missile
If ya nigga miss you when he have opinions
Tell him two cents is only half a nickel!

D6 Reloaded doesn't have an official release date, but DatPiff says it's "coming sooner rather than later."

What do you think of the new Weezy? You can check D6 again while you wait for the full reload.

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