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Lil Wayne & Drake Prepare Part Two Of "D6" With Their Spin On JAY-Z's "Family Feud"

By Alox

Even though you're probably still listening to the fifteen dope tracks Lil Wayne gave us on Christmas, he isn't done with "Dedication 6".

It's safe to say that people are having a difficult time choosing a favorite track since the project is rock solid. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of positive feedback.

The "Reloaded" version is on the way, with a whole new set of songs just as 2017 comes to a close!

Among those songs is perhaps one of the most anticipated among the fans. This is what we are blessed with tonight. Young Angel and Young Lion are back together for one hell of a collaboration over JAY-Z's "Family Feud".

Below is the official cover for the new project via Wayne's Instagram:

It's been revealed that "D6: Reloaded" will feature many other big collaborations.

For now, let's dive into greatness with this very generous offering...

I'm thinkin of payin Wayne what Universal owes

My n*gga spent a life time goin Platinum and Gold

He should own half of the label, shit out of control

Somebody get Larry Jackson on the phone

I need some ownership if we pressin Go

Cause bus-i-ness is boomin on behalf of me

I need a bite out of the apple, like Adam and Eve

With some strong words from Drake and murderous bars from Tunechi, let's all enjoy, below!


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