Conor McGregor Plays Right Into Rita Ora's "Becky With The Good Hair" Game [VIDEO]


Rita Ora caused quite a stir a few nights ago when she posted two photos of her and Conor Mcgregor at the British Fashion Awards with the caption "date night."

Half of the women in Ireland came for Rita over the Tweet, furious that she disrespected Conor's long-term girlfriend and mother of his child Dee Devlin.

It wasn't the first time Rita joked about being the other woman. She had all sorts of fun when everyone fingered her as the Becky With The Good Hair that Beyonce accused her hubby JAY-Z of cheating with.

Rita's history aside, other folks argued that Conor should also be called out for posing for the photos when Devlin was at home with child.

The MMA star added some credence to that POV during a club appearance last night. As The Notorious B.I.G's "Juicy" played, he grabbed the mic and shouted out Rita Ora and then put his hand over his heart. He then shouted out Devlin, but with no hand over the heart.

Maybe's he's going for the threesome. That's what Biggie would do.


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