Wounded Lil Xan Responds To Father's Criticism On How He Handled Teen 2Pac Goons


Last week, Lil Xan ran from a group of teenagers who confronted him about an interview he gave in which he called 2Pac's music "boring." The 21-year old sought refuge in a YMCA and then found a police officer, who escorted him to his car. 

Xan defended his actions in an IG Live video earlier this week.

"That's what cool rappers do, right?" he asked on IG Live. "I gotta be cool to say 'fuck the police.' That's cool, right? Yeah, there's certain cops, fuck the police but there's a lot of good cops ... I didn't feel like taking on 20 people when I didn't have no security. I don't know if you saying 'he's a pussy and not hard.' I'm not a gang rapper. I don't rap about gang shit. I don't rap about selling drugs and shooting guns. So miss me with that 'oh he a pussy.'"

That explanation didn't sit well with a lot of rap fans, who like their spitters a little rougher than that.

Among those to criticize Xan was Father, a rapper Xan happens to really look up to. Xan responded to Father's words on social.

"I grew up thinking father and awful records were the dopest shit so it sucks to see an artist that I took a lot of inspiration say this but it's all love homie," Xan said.

Xan (or, actually, it's officially "Diego" now) seems to know who he is. Do you respect that, or did he pick the wrong profession?

I’m Diego now 💔

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