Lil Xan Says He Doesn't Care If You Call Him Soft Or A Punk

By Daryl Nelson

As we previously reported, Lil Xan had to run to safety after a group of angry teens wanted to beat him up for calling Tupac's music boring. Xan had to flee into a YMCA and was later escorted to his car by a police officer.

Since then, some of the rapper's fans asked why he didn't stay to fight. Basically, Xan said he's not a gangsta rapper and doesn't pretend to be hard. 

"That's what cool rappers do, right?" he asked on IG Live. "I gotta be cool to say 'fuck the police.' That's cool, right? Yeah, there's certain cops, fuck the police but there's a lot of good cops ... I didn't feel like taking on 20 people when I didn't have no security. I don't know if you saying 'he's a pussy and not hard.' I'm not a gang rapper. I don't rap about gang shit. I don't rap about selling drugs and shooting guns. So miss me with that 'oh he a pussy.'"

What do you think about Xan's explanation?

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