Watch Lil Xan Try To Clarify Statement on 2Pac; Escapes Angry Teens With Help From Police


It isn't just the old heads who are angry about Lil Xan calling 2Pac's music boring.

The 21-year old was confronted over his remarks by a group of angry high school students during a meet and greet near a Del Taco in his hometown of Redlands, California yesterday

He tried to explain himself to the angry crowd

“For real, I gotta tell you something. The media twisted my words. I think Tupac is a legend. Tupac is definitely a legend. Tupac a legend, they just twist your words. They want you to hate me. Don’t hate me,” he said.

But that didn't quite work, and Xan was forced to flee Pac's teenage goons and run to a nearby YMCA, where a police officer picked him up and escorted him to his car for safety.

According to the police report, the high schoolers were already fired up because there was supposed to be an after-school "girl fight" at the Del Taco. Then seeing Xan pushed them over the top.

No charges have been filed. Here's some video of what went down:

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