Tay-K Denied Bond In Murder Case; Judge Not Happy About "The Race"


Tay-K is currently locked up on two unrelated murder charges.

It looks like he's going to stay locked up for a while.

Yesterday, a Texas judge denied Tay-K's bond on the first murder charge, a July 2016 home invasion in Mansfield, Texas that left a 21-year old Ethan Walker dead.  Tay jumped bail after being hit with that case and seemed to immortalize his escape in the lyrics of his summer '17 hit "The Race."

That rubbed judge Wayne Salvant the wrong way. He said he was troubled that Tay bragged about his escape in  the track and was featured holding a 9mm handgun and standing next a wanted poster of himself in the video.

The judge was also troubled by the reaction to the song and video.

"It's my understanding that people throughout this country have 'Free Tay-K signs up or "goto" funds to fund his defense and this court has a problem with that," he said. "I don't know what this country has become when people can go out and allegedly commit heinous crimes and be glorified for it."

During yesterday's testimony, we also learned that Tay-K got between $600,000 to $700,000 in a record deal with Classic 88.

The court hasn't set a trial date for Tay-K yet. Some of his co-defendants have already taken plea deals.

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