Police Report Details Lil Peep's Death


Lil Peep died during a nap he took before his show in Tucson, Arizona last Wednesday.

According to the police report, one of Peep's managers saw the emo rapper on his tour bus Wednesday afternoon and he appeared to be fine.  She says he took a nap around 5:45 PM.  She was unable to wake him a little later. But since he was snoring and breathing normally she decided to let him sleep more.

Later in the night, Peep's other manager found the 21-year old unresponsive.  They tried CPR and called an ambulance but it was too late.

Xanax, weed and an unknown tan powder were found at the scene. 

Police have said they believe Peep overdosed on Xanax.  There have also been reports the pills may have been laced with Fentanyl.

We won't get an official cause of death until a full autopsy, which takes six to eight weeks.

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