Lil HBK Calls Out Drug Dealer Who Sold Lil Peep "Laced" Xans


The big news in Hip Hop today is the drug overdose death of emo rapper Lil Peep.

The 21-year old was pretty cavalier about his pill use.  The night before his death he made a video in which he eats a Xanax and brags about doing six in total.

The word is Peep ODed last night because he did some fake Xans laced with Fentanyl. Now his buddy Lil HBK is calling out the dealer who allegedly sold Peep the allegedly bad drugs.


As you can see, HBK posted a photo of the lady dealer and Peep and argues her laced drugs are why he died.

What do you think? Is the dealer to blame in this situation?

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