Lupe Fiasco Apologizes To Everyone But Kid Cudi


Lupe Fiasco was in an apologetic mood during a recent IG Live session.

He apologized for criticizing Barak Obama, which he said he did because he comes from "radical politics." He said sorry to Kendrick Lamar for shading his "Control" verse and issued an apology to Chief Keef for questioning the way he moves.

He said sorry to Beyonce for a fake Tweet that was directed at her. There was a sorry for Alicia Keys for leaking a song, and apologies to Donald Glover and Azealia Banks for social media feuds. Lupe said sorry to any of his fans who bought his album Lazers and sorry to Pete Rock for a snafu involving a song. 

But there was one person he will never apologize to:

“Fuck Cudi, forever,” Lupe said when somebody brought up Kid Cudi. “That nigga will never get an apology from me ... I will never apologize with Cudi, that shit was so gay."

Alrighty then.

Cudi and Lupe had a Twitter blow up in 2015 and fades were offered. It's still a bit hard to figure out what they were fighting about.

Check out Lupe's words on forgiveness and Cudi below.


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