Lupe Fiasco Reviews "Black Panther"


Black Panther continues to be the biggest movie in the land.

Lupe Fiasco, who's a man of many opinions, reviewed the record-breaking Marvel movie during a recent IG Live session.

He's not as high on the film as most critics are.

“I mean I like Black Panther” Lupe xaid ”I don't necessarily like film too much these days simply because I think I'm of a generation I'm 36, so I was born in 82, and I've been able to see films be redone like entire genres or themes the films be redone so I was there for like the original Ghostbusters and then the Ghostbusters reboot right and then you get to see like all the whole cycle take place ... So I mean, as a film, in relationship to all other films, as of today, I don't really like any movies today. Just because I'm weird about that. It still falls into this category of being like an OK film.

"I don't think that the acting was like super amazing but for various reasons,” Lupe continues. “Because I don't think we're used to seeing black people on screen that much and so when you do see a movie that's all black folks, this for me specifically there's a bias because my bar of great acting has always been based on white people.

Lupe then explained he measures all of his actors against white actors like Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, and Leonardo Dicaprio (he also remembers to throw Denzel Washington in there) and he doesn't believe the acting in Black Panther measures up to those stars.

Check out his words below.

What did you think about Black Panther? And do you think Lupe's opinion of the film may have been influenced his weird beef with its soundtrack's curator Kendrick Lamar?

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