Lupe Fiasco Takes Shots at Kid Cudi During Concert

By Sermon

At the top of 2015, Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi went at it on Twitter and it spilled over into one of Lu's interviews in which threatened to beat Cudi up. The beef seemed to have settled down. But then it popped again at a random show this weekend.

In the clip below, Lupe Fiasco says that he forgives all his enemies minus one.

"Except Kid Cudi/ Cause that's my not my motherfuckin' buddy/ If I see him in the streets it's getting motherfuckin' ugly," he spits acapella. Yikes.


Oddly, Lupe said this about Cudi during a different part of the show.

"I'ma let that shit with fuckin’ Cudi go. I want you to let go of a grudge, let go of something that’s hanging over your head. Don’t terrorize yourself thinking about what you’re going to do and what somebody has done to you."
What do you think about Lupe's Cudi schizophrenia?

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