Driver Gets Checked For Playing Teka$hi 69's Music in Chicago


Teka$hi 69's latest troll trick is coming after a good chunk of Chicago's drill scene.

The Brooklyn rapper has spent the last week trying to provoke Chief Keef, Tadoe, and Lil Reese. Things got serious Saturday morning when Keef, who was visiting New York, got shot at while leaving his hotel in the early AM.

69 was out in LA at the time of the shooting and eventually denied having anything to do with it. Keef has said he won't talk to the cops.

Back in Chicago, goons are trying to keep 69's music off of their streets.

"Cut that shit off, bro. We don't listen to no motherucking 69 in Chicago, bro. Cut that shit off bro. You tweaking, boy! Fuck wrong with you nigga, we don't listen to no 69 out here, bichh," Fat4glo says to a fellow driver in an Instagram video.

How does 69's beef with Chiraq end?


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