Chief Keef Shot At In New York Amid Beef With Teka$hi 69


Chief Keef was shot at early this morning in New York City.

The Chicago rapper was leaving the posh W hotel in Times Square at 5 AM when a gunman or gunmen opened fire. They missed their mark, striking the hotel sign. 

Police are looking for two black men in black hoodies.

The shooting comes after Teka$hi 69 ripped Keef on social media.

"Nobody don't give a fuck what y'all niggas did three years ago," said the Brooklyn rapper. "What y'all niggas did three, four years ago and live in y'all raps, y'all don't do. I know that personally. What y'all gonna give me, 48 hours? ... This nigga gonna die? Where? Where I'ma die? Fuck Chief Keef, fuck Lil Reese, fuck all them niggas."

69 also mocked Keef at a recent concert.

"Shout out Chief Keef, but I fucked that nigga bitch!"

So far there is no direct evidence between 69, who is said to be in LA, and the shooting.


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