Wiz Khalifa Continues To Preach On Drugs After Lil Peep's Death


A few days ago, Wiz Khalifa spoke out against people taking Lean and called the drink “Lame.” He continued to preach in a new interview with Complex after Lil Peep passed away from a (possibly laced) Xanax overdose.

“I just feel like somebody has to speak up for people who don’t believe in that or are really tired of seeing it,” said Wiz. “It’s unfortunate that Lil Peep had to die and stuff like that, but these are the things people are gonna start seeing and keep happening if they don’t really relax and fall back …I got a couple of friends who do sip lean and shit, and I tell them all the time, like, ‘Yo, that shit is wack, bro.’”

Daz Dillinger also spoke about drug use in Hip Hop and gave a warning about pharmaceutical drugs.

“These kids nowadays is being drug addicts,” he told TMZ. “The culture is addiction. We really got to teach the kids about that part of the game, because these new scientific drugs they coming out with will kill you quick.”

Daz added that the kids need to research pharmaceutical drugs themselves instead of popping a pill just because they heard it in a rap song and want to mimic a rapper.

Do you think Peep’s death will change the way kids look at pharmaceutical drugs from now on? You can watch Wiz and Daz’s interviews below.


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