Witness To XXXTentacion Murder Explains What Happened


A man who was at RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida and interacted with XXXtentacion right before he was murdered has explained what happened.

"X got in his car. He drove around the parking lot. He drove to the stop sign.  As soon as he got to the stop sign, and he was about to make a right turn in the street, a black van, a black Dodge pulled up in front of him. Two dudes with masks and guns got out of the car  yelling "get the fuck out." Me and my buddy ran back inside and we were like 'call 911.'"

After doing that, the witness looked back outside into the parking lot. He could hear X say "what the fuck is going on" before he was shot three times.

The witness said that neither of the gunmen was wearing a red mask, as had been reported. Instead, they were wearing red bandanas over their faces and the rest of their clothing was black. 

He confirmed a Louis Vuitton bag, likely containing between 10K and 15K in cash, was taken from X's car. He also said X wasn't alone in the car.  He was with his uncle, who fled the vehicle when the men came up on them. He said X wasn't able to get away because the men had guns right on him. 

He believes the gun used to kill X was an MP5. He also said there was no way the killer was Solider Kidd, in part because the motorcycle dealership Soldier was close to right before the murder was a different motorcycle dealership.

He also pushed back on those who think X didn't really die.

"A lot of people are making up these conspiracies and theories on like he's not dead. We saw what happened ... there was a hole going through his neck," he said.

He added that the lack of visual blood in images from the crime scene is likely because it flowed behind him.

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