Wale Comments On Black Lives Matters

By HHL Editors

The Black Lives Matters movement can mean different things to different people. But at its heart it is a protest against the police and other institutions seen as devaluing black lives.

Wale recently spoke to REVOLT about BLT, and the always opinionated emcee expressed what could come off as a critique of that mindset.

"I want black lives to matter to black lives more," he said. "Modifying the moral of the people starts within. It starts with us. It’s been easy to just blame other people for stuff like that and point the finger, but black lives should matter to black lives." "I don’t really care about trying to rally up people for the wrong reasons," Wale added. "I want us to realize that the power that we got within ourselves and to love ourselves more is really the first objective as far as understanding the whole 'Black lives' thing. I don’t think we love ourselves enough as much as we used to."
Wale's words are similar to those that Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman expressed earlier in the week. Sherman got some blowback for his take.

Do you agree with Sherman and Wale?

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