Tyga is Back To Getting Sued For Not Paying Rent & Being an Awful Tenant


If you go back to around 2015, barely a week would go by when Tyga wasn't sued for not paying someone. It was sometimes business partners or a video girl, but it was mostly landlords, as T-Raww must have had in his head that he didn't have to pay rent.

Things got so bad even Tyga's then-five-year-old son got sued for not paying rent.

Tyga's been on the comeback trail for the last few years now.  He has hit songs, and now he's making a fortune on OnlyFans.

Still, he refuses to pay rent.  According to TMZ, he's being sued by his former landlord for stiffing him $32K in rent.  He's also claiming he caused about 150K in damages to the flooring, walls, and wallpaper and also damaged the driveway with an unauthorized basketball hoop.

Tyga's team says the landlord's claims are BS and he's just trying to figure out a way to take T-Raww's security deposit. 

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