Troy Ave Fires Back At Joey Bada$$ on 'Bad Ass' Record

By Sermon

The beef between Troy Ave and Joey Bada$$ started back in June 2015 when the two traded shots over who was the true Hip Hop indie king of New York. It wasn't until recently that Joey reignited the issues with some lines on his track 'Ready' that were aimed at Troy.

“60k first week for the Bada$$ 200k to this day I know you niggas mad With the 80/20 split my nigga do the math My nigga Kirk just outsold Troy Ave”
This has prompted Troy to take the Drake approach and craft a diss record, 'Badass', that's both offensive and radio friendly:

You sold a couple records, but nobody cares. You’re never on the radio, because nobody cares. You don’t matter, so you’re mad bruh. Nobody cares. Just an internet rapper. Nobody cares.
Later in the track, Troy goes as far as to say that Joey's Pro Era buddy Capital Steez, who committed suicide, is in hell. Ouch.

Update: Troy Ave has expanded upon why he went after Steez in an interview with Sway in The Morning.

He didn't pass away, he killed himself. That's a difference. He took his own life. God gave your life. It ain't your right to take it. That's a fact. I have niggas that are really dead or in jail with life sentence, might as well be dead," Troy said. "I got friends that are killed and shit. [Joey Badass] got friend that's killing themselves. That speaks to his character. We're not on the same level.
He starts talking Steez at about the six minute mark.

Badass hasn't responded to the specific attack on Steez, but some members of the A$AP mob have.

Listen to the records that started this below, and peak some of the initial social media jostling.

when weirdos jump in ya comments but you understand that their only outlet is online and you'll never see them on the streets P.S if somebody pushes u in the back and you turn around and split they head with a baseball bat it's not your fault .... they shouldn't of started! #YouNotReady when ya homies kill they self they suckas forever it speaks to ya character and the company you keep WEIRDO $HiT! hell Fire! NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE YA'LL it's not the answer, GOD is Great! #RealVsFake @doncam.z A photo posted by Troy Ave (@troyave) on
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