The Game Weighs In On Cardi B's Crip Diss


Cardi B made things interesting by dissing the Crips before she came to Los Angeles for the NBA All-Star Game weekend.

LA Blood YG and LA Crip Nipsey Hussle have both commented on Cardi refusing to type out the word "blue."

Now The Game, perhaps LA's most outspoken entertainment industry Blood, has weighed in.

"That's dangerous shit," The Game said. "But I talked to Cardi and she understands the politics of LA, but she's still who she is. That has to be respected, but there's a position here that has to be respected. But all in all, Cardi came through and had a good time."

"I like Cardi B," he continued. "I like her music. I like what she stands for. She represents who I am and where I come from, and everybody that's overly trippin' just needs to chill. She's a good girl. We hollered about it. She ain't mean nothin'. She's got her whole thing that she represents and she stands for. That has to be respected. She's from a whole different side of America. We're from a whole different side of America and people that took offense, just shoot the shit under the rug and have a good time. It's All-Star Weekend. Everybody chill out."

So far Cardi's been fine in LA. So it seems everyone is chilling out.

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