Nipsey Hussle Talks Cardi B Receiving Death Threats For Dissing Crips

By Daryl Nelson

When Cardi B recently dissed the Crips in an Instagram post, she received death threats and had to beef up security.

Nipsey Hussle, a known Crip himself, talked about it and although he understands why the Bronx rapper made those comments, he said she should still apologize.

"That's how Bloods talk [but] amongst they self," he said. "Crips gon' say certain words also. A Crip might say "dead" instead of saying "red." A Blood might say "flu" instead of "blue" .... If you not going to be able to walk into a room full of Crips and say that, don't say it .... At the end of the day, she's a woman, she's a female, everybody loving her wave, everybody loving her music, it's just something she should probably correct and go public and say look, 'This is how Bloods talk privately. We ain't mean no disrespect.'"

Nipsey then said he wouldn't diss Cardi, but she and everyone else needs to know that gang culture is nothing to be played with in Los Angeles.

"There ain't gon' be no shot against her gangster and what not, but that's a touchy thing," he stated. "You gotta understand, people gonna be offended when you do that. You gotta know, L.A., this our culture, this our lifestyle, this ain't aesthetic or a fashion."

Do you agree with Nipsey? Should Cardi apologize to the Crips?

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