The Game Threatens To Break 'Everyday Struggle' Host Star's Jaw


Everyday Struggle hasn't made much news since Joe Budden left the show.

But they're back in the headlines again thanks to The Game.

On an Everyday Struggle episode, DJ Akademiks suggested Game had the West Coast crown before Kendrick Lamar.

His new co-host Star was having none of that.

"Game?" Star said, incredulously.  "Game had lyrics? Game had rhyme quotables? Game? Look me in my face, are you serious? 

He then challenged Ak to quote a Game line, which he couldn't. Later on, he called Game a "fraud" for wearing an N.W.A. tattoo.

Game responded to Star's words during an interview in Germany. He made it clear there would be violence if Star was to repeat what he said within earshot.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so if he feels like I didn’t pass anyone the torch or I don’t have quotables or I don’t have lyrics, then that’s just his opinion,” said Game. “As far as him saying it on a show with cameras and far away from Game’s face, it’s another thing. He wouldn’t say that to my face because I will probably break his jaw in a hundred million places,” he threatens Star. 

Jump to the seven-minute mark to hear all of the fireworks.

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