Teka$hi 6ix9ine May Go To Prison Because He Sucks At Science


Tekashi69 notoriously pleaded guilty to use of a minor in a sexual performance.

His plea deal, which he took in October of 2015, was a three year suspended sentence which turns to two years of probation if he meets certain requirements, including getting his GED, staying out of trouble, community service, and writing a letter to the victim.

He was supposed to have his moment of truth at a sentencing hearing in New York today.

But that's been delayed after 69 admitted he hasn't passed his GED yet. Why? Well, the 21-year old failed the science portion of the test.

“He’s struggled through it,” said 6ix9ine’s attorney, when asked about what happened on the GED.

“This case has been happening since 2015,” said Judge Felicia Mennin. “This is ridiculous.”

Mennin could have thrown 69 in jail for his failure to meet the terms of his deal. Instead, she adjourned his sentencing hearing to April 10, 2018, giving 69 what she called "one last chance" to get his GED and avoid a three-year sentence. 

6ix9ine -- who just announced his debut mixtape will drop February 23 -- was heard saying he was going to take "mad courses."

He better.


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