Teka$hi 69 Taunts All Of New York By Declaring Himself King Of The City


Teka$hi 69 survived his trash talking trip out west.

Now that he's back home in NYC he's taunting his own city by declaring himself king.

The face of New York and they dont like it.... if you wanna change that make ya music sales & beat me on the charts. As For now shuttup and just watch me.

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"A lot of people feel some type of way when I say I'm the king of New York. I feel you. But if I wasn't the king of New York don't you think somebody would have stopped me by now? Don't you think somebody would have put an end to that?" 69 wonders. "If I wasn't the King of New York, y'all wouldn't pay me no mind. If I wasn't the King of New York, y'all would be like 'Just let that fucking clown talk, that niggas irrelevant.'" 

69's bold boasts come amid more discussion that he's a pawn for gangsters -- likely Bloods -- who keep him protected because he's making lots of money for them.

At least one Blood isn't happy with the arrangement. Here's J-Hood's opinion on things:

They mad but they admit they cannot touch the 🤴🏻 king #tekashi69 😭😭 #24hourhiphop

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