Police Stop San Antonio's "Most Dangerous" Goons From Touching Teka$hi 69 At Airport


Tekashi 6ix9ine may have avoided a beat down when members of the notorious San Antonio gang Tango Orejon were arrested on their way to fight him at the airport. Teka$hi was in Texas to play a show at Bar 23 last night  

Earlier this week, Tango Orejon member Adam Rodriguez warned the Brooklyn rapper not to come to his city. Thursday, when Tekashi was scheduled to land, Rodriguez made his way to the airport to brawl and recorded everything on IG Live. But the cops recognized him and pulled him over.  


“You think we was playing games and shit? Like we weren’t going to get at this nigga,” said Rodriguez on his way to the airport. “How many of ya’ll doubted us? We looking. If we find him, ya’ll pray for that nigga. We are child molester hunting. Again, we ain’t trying to kill this nigga. We ain’t got no weapons.”

Rodriguez also recorded being stopped by police.

“I got about eight cop cars. I’m pulled over right now inside the fucking airport,” he explained. “We on the side of the road next to the airport, but we came. Ya’ll niggas ain’t do shit. Yeah, we took an L. It is what it is. Ya’ll niggas over here just watching.”

Rodriguez is currently behind bars on $5000 bail. The Texas Department of Public Safety has listed Tango Orejon as the most dangerous gang in San Antonio and the most active prison gang in all of Texas.

So 69 may have dodged a bullet (so to speak) with the help of the police.

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