Watch Teka$hi 69 Take His Clowning of YG To The Next Level


Teka$hi 69 just won't quit with his trolling of his elders

A day after YG attacked 69 with an impassioned rant, 69 struck back by getting into a fancy infinity pool and mocking the rant.

Here's YG.


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"Nigga on Bompton and Piru, nigga fuck 69! Nigga! On Bloods. What’s happening Blood? Fuck 69! Nigga! Yeah! 4Hunnid said it, bitch,” YG yelled.

Here's 69

What’s wrong with this kid .... he’s now doing impersonations 🤦‍♂️ . Should he stop trolling ppl who not playing with him or continue?

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"A little fucking kids got you in your feelings," 69 says in the middle of imitating YG's aggressive, Blood-soaked words.

What's YG next move after this?

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