Teka$hi 69 Has Been Accused Of Having Sex With Underage Girl


Teka$hi 69 has three counts of use of a minor in a sexual performance on his record and is still facing a suspended sentence for those crimes.

So he should be really careful about messing with underage girls.

But apparently, he hasn't been.

Martha Gold, now 18, said 69 bedded her right after she turned 17 and a little before he blew up.

"I said I just turned 17. And he was like, 'Oh, okay,'" she said to "So we stopped talking for a few hours, and then he texted me back and he's like, 'FaceTime me, are you down to link?'"

69, then 20, met up with her in Los Angeles. The age of consent in California is 18. They had six or seven sexual encounters.

Gold also called 69 out in a series of web videos, one of which showed the two of them in bed.

"Don't be mad at me and blame it on me just because your favorite rapper likes younger girls," Gold said. "He was older. He knew what the fuck he was doing. Stop defending a nigga that knows what he was doing."

Is 69 foul for this, or is a 20-year-old banging a 17-year-old no big deal? 

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