Teanna Trump Says Indiana Pacers Player Smashed Her When She was 16


When Adam22 isn't dealing with armed invaders, he hosts the No Jumper podcast.

Adult film actress Teanna Trump was a recent guest, and during the chat she revealed she had relations with a player on the Indiana Pacers when she was 16 -- and that was who got her into the porn game.

Trump told Adam that she eventually told the player her real age. But he didn't seem to mind that she was only 16 when they got together and still has the tapes of their sessions.

"I told him like a couple years ago, I was like, 'How old do you think I am?' And he said some dogsh*t like 26, and I was like, 'no, and when I met you I was 16!'"

Teanna also revealed that she let another NBA player, who she described as top five highest paid in the league, use her IG. The baller promptly started soliciting other men for explicit images of the men.

She didn't name names, but the most folks think the Pacers player who broke her in is Lance Stephenson, who has a long history with videotape. As for the star player looking for junk pics and videos ... Dwight Howard was around the top five highest paid as recently as 2016 and has a history of such behavior. He's some Twitter speculation.

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