There's A Sex Tape With Lance Stephenson & Rick Ross Ex Lira Galore

By HHL Editors

You may remember Hip Hop groupie Lira Galore from the time she was linked to Drake, Wale, Meek Mill or Rick Ross.

In fact, it was her past with Meek that ultimately ended her engagement to Ross.

She's been rebounding from all of that with Lance Stephenson, who plays basketball sometimes.

Last night a video of someone who is definitely Galore doing highly sexual things with someone who is probably Stephenson hit the web.

You can see some of the stills here, but it's all too explicit to post on this site.

Galore has responded to the leak on Twitter.

Solid point.

Update: Galore says it's not Stephenson.

Women being sexual is NOTHING NEW (recorded or not). What is new is the wave of people "exposing" others intimate moments eternally for momentary satisfaction. That's weak. -update THATS NOT LANCE. And your blogs got it wrong.

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