Stripper Accuses Young Dro Of Stealing Her Car & Getting Her Busted For Drugs & Gun

By HHL Editors

Young Dro is in trouble after "borrowing" a car from a stripper and taking it for a wild joyride.

Earlier this year, the polo wearing rapper asked his naked friend to lend him her Cadillac. She agreed, on the condition he pick her up after her shift at the Pink Pony in Atlanta.

But when she was done getting money tossed at her, Young Dro was nowhere to be found. So she triggered her ride's OnStar and located the vehicle in a parking lot. When she arrived to pick it up, there was no Young Dro. But there were some cops, who'd also just come looking for the car.

Apparently, the Cadi had been observed driving wildly a little earlier in the evening. The cops searched the parked car and found a stolen gun and some weed. Contraband that was now pinned on the stripper, even though she says she had nothing to do with it.

Furious that Dro would get her into this kind of trouble, she filed grand theft auto charges against him once she made bail, and now he's been arrested.



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