Snoop Dogg Responds To Woah Vicky Threat

By Daryl Nelson

Snoop Dogg had a few choice words for Woah Vicky, who recently threatened him with guns. She did it on video with two of her friends, and police in Georgia are investigating her threats. Vicky has since apologized and said her newfound fame has caused her to make a bad decision. 

But Snoop didn't care about the social media star's apology, nor did he seem to take her threat seriously.

"You funky dog head white bitch," he said on IG. "I can’t believe you said something about me. I’m gonna leave it alone, though, because you don’t know no better. And them goof ball ass niggas you got with you, they don't know no better either. That's why I'm in the gym, so I can fuck one of y'all up on sight. No, I'm just playing. What has Hip Hop come to?

Do you think Snoop should've even responded to Vicky or no?

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