Woah Vicky Threatened Snoop Dogg With Guns & Police Get Involved

By Daryl Nelson

Social media celeb Woah Vicky got the attention of the Marietta Police Department in Georgia after she was seen in a video threatening Snoop Dogg with a submachine gun. In the clip, you can see Vicky point the gun at the camera, while she and two male friends hurl insults. They also diss DJ Drama.

“Fuck you, Snoop Dogg, pussy, bitch," she yells. "You probably got AIDS with your old ass … You look like a Chihuahua with your old ass.”

It's unclear if Vicky did anything unlawful by threatening Snoop, but a spokesperson for the MPD said they know about the video and are investigating. 

Now the 18-year-old issued an apology and said she's confused by her newfound fame.

"Just so everybody knows, that I just want to, like, apologize if I ever offended anybody," she said. "All this fame shit new to me. I didn't understand until now how much my voice really can affect people and offend people and impact they life. And I just want to say I really do apologize. I didn't mean to start nothing. I didn't mean to disrespect anybody ... If you knew me as a person you can see I'm really not like that."

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Why do you think so many people love posting guns on social media?

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