Report: Diddy & Lori Harvey Have Broken Up


49-year-old Diddy and 22-year-old Lori Harvey have been messing around this summer.

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[NEW BAE ALERT]: Social media is still up in arms over the news that #Diddy (49) is now rumoured to be dating #LoriHarvey (22) ... The pair were recently spotted in Italy having lunch with Lori’s parents! What makes this pair even more interesting is the fact that Lori dated Diddy’s son Justin a few years ago. Whew!!! 😏

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Among the interesting facts about the couple, beyond their eye-catching age different, is that Lori is the step-daughter of Steve Harvey and used to date Puff's son Justin Combs.

We have sad news to report: Diddy and Lori Harvey are no longer dating.

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We all knew this was lowkey doomed from the start 🤷🏽‍♀️ #Diddy and #LoriHarvey have reportedly called off their relationship which was surrounded by controversy due to their age difference and because she allegedly had dated one of his sons ☕️🐸☕️ Lori also dated #TreySongz but that didn’t end well 💔

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Who should Lori Harvey date next?

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