Ralo Just Got Raided By The FBI & Homeland Security


Ralo is in big trouble.

Earlier this week, the ATL rapper and hustler was arrested at the DeKalb-Peachtree Peachtree airport with a lot of weed on him and was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony.

But he might be about to be hit with a lot more than that. Yesterday morning, Atlanta police, the ATF, the FBI and Homeland Security raided Ralo's apartment in Southwest Atlanta. The raid was said to be triggered by Ralo's airport arrest.

It's unclear exactly what the agents took from the home, although one neighbor said he saw them carry out an Islamic flag. (Ralo is Muslim.)

Federal charges are expected against Ralo.  What exactly he will be charged with is unknown, because none of the Federal agencies involved with the raid would speak on an ongoing investigation.

As we wait on further word, here's Ralo's new police taunting mixtape 12 Can't Stop Shit.

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