Ralo Mocks Cops & Threatens To Hire Them After Getting Pulled Over

By HHL Editors

Ralo was pulled over this weekend around his hometown of Atlanta.

He recorded his interaction with the cops and didn't put an ounce of respek on the officers' names as the camera rolled.

Everytime the police see me in the hood they pull me over for no fucking reason, illegally search my car without probable cause, an give me tickets for shit I didn't even know existed in the law book. I be scared to even drive my cars down the street cuz I know I'm finna get harassed. They ask us to abide by the laws but they break an twist every law they enforce. We ain't did shit wrong, so why da fuck they always messing wit us???

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As you can see, Ralo mocks the police for only pulling in about 50K a year and laments that he has to say "yes sir, no sir" to somebody who makes that little money.

He also teases the officers by saying he's considering hiring them. "Now accepting applications, officers," Ralo jokes. The police on the scene don't seem pleased with Ralo's taunts but don't do anything out of school.

Should Ralo be roasting the police like that?

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