OVO "Goons" Who Ran Up On Joe Budden Confront Teka$hi 69


Teka$hi 69's Super Bowl adventure included getting pelted with an ice bucket during his post-game performance in a Minneapolis club.

After the show, 69 was confronted on the way to his bus by a man who asked him about all the disrespect he'd been getting in Minnesota. 69 said it was all good, but flipped out and slapped at the inquisitor's phone when he brought up 69's molester past.

It turns out, the inquisitor was one of the notorious "OVO Goons" who ran up on Joe Budden in suburban New Jersey a couple of years ago during his beef with Drake.

"Is it true what happened between you and the little kids. You raping little kids?" The "goon" asks 69 before losing his phone to the ground.

For the record, 69 pleaded guilty to three counts of use of a child in sexual performance after being arrested for recording a 13-year-old girl engaged in sex acts.

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