Nicki Minaj and Funk Flex Squash Beef

By Daryl Nelson

After beefing for quite some time, Nicki Minaj and Funk Flex have settled things during her appearance on his Hot 97 show.

For years now, the Hot 97 DJ has been critical of Nicki's music, but he said it wasn't personal, he was just giving his opinion. But that changed after he said positive things about her "Chun-Li" single when it dropped.

"I had no clue what you was mad at," Nicki told Flex on his show.

"I was being opinionated," he said back. "Did you feel like I was attacking you?" 

"Of course," Nicki responded. "It felt like more than about my music."

Flex then went into detail about why he disliked some of Nicki's songs.

"I've always been a fan of your music," he explained. "I felt there was a couple songs that got super commercial. While I was watching you go back and forth with your music ... The one with Drake and Wayne ... I couldn't pinpoint it at the time, maybe I felt you didn't have it. But now when I hear stuff like 'Dreams,' and I hear the music now... I may have felt you were getting a little lazy with the music [before] ... 'Chun-Li' changed me around, you know, I liked that song. My opinion is not the end all be all."

Afterward, Nicki said she doesn't mind getting feedback on her music, as long as it's fair and doesn't seem personal.

"Whenever people give me constructive criticism, like if someone tells me 'You could have went harder on that,' I accept things," she said. "I have an issue when the criticism seems like it's personal or from a bad place."

What do you think about Flex and Nicki squashing their beef? You can see a clip of it below.


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