New Kanye West/Paul McCartney Song Is The First In 'Prolific Musical Collaboration'

By HHL Editors

Kanye West kicked off the new year by releasing the R&B flavored ballad 'Only One,' which features Beatles legend Paul McCartney on the piano. It's an emotional tune that takes the perspective of Kanye's late mother, who died in 2007.  (The name Kanye means "only one.") The song really hits home with West's wife Kim Kardashian, who took to Twitter to tell the world how much she loves it.

According to West's spokesman, this is the first "publicly available recording from what has become a prolific musical collaboration between these two legendary artists."

So expect to hear more music from Kanye and McCartney in the future. While we're not entirely sure how we we feel about their first effort, we are certainly excited to see what else these two songwriting heavyweights come up with.

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