Producer Ace Hashimoto Says Joey Bada$$ Hasn't Paid Him & Is Ducking Him

By Benny Franklin

It seems Joey Bada$$' producer Ace Hasimoto is not too happy with the Pro Era boss. 

Ace, who produced Pro Era's “School High” and “Last Cypher" is now claiming that Joey is ducking him and not paying him the money he is owed. 

Ace took to Twitter and Reddit to tell fans what has been going on between him and Joey. 

Apparently, the songs were recorded some years ago (2013ish) and no money was discussed. That was all good because since no one was getting paid, and everyone benefited from the notoriety, it was never an issue. 

Ace says that Joey has now re-released the songs on streaming platforms, meaning he is getting paid. 

According to Ace's tweets, he says he has been reaching out to Joey regarding the situation and Joey won't respond. 

Do you think Ace has a point and should be paid? 

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