Mike Delorean Explains Why Prodigy Mural Got Kicked Out Of Queensbridge

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A Prodigy mural went up in his adopted hometown of Queensbridge soon after the Mobb Deep rapper died from sickle cell complications.

It was defaced with white paint just hours later. Initially, there's was talk the mural was attacked by pranksters or confused kids.

So the artists redid the tribute. But when it was defaced for the second time -- this time with red paint -- it was clear it was personal.

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Mike Delorean, who was signed to Prodigy's label when he was in Bars & Hooks, spoke on the tension P had with some in the Queensbridge community during an interview with Gully TV's Jamil Lindsey.

"As a person, he scarred some people personally,” Delorean explained. “He talked [badly] about people in jail. People who embraced him."
Delorean explained that he had a lot of respect for Prodigy as an artist and so did the people of Queensbridge. But since P had spoken ill of the incarcerated and the dead he understands why his mural got painted over.

"[The mural] just can’t exist in Queensbridge where the people he disrespected have kids that will see it every day," Delorean told Lindsey.
Check the interview below. As an added bonus, there's a fit of road rage in the middle.

The mural has now been removed for good.

Due to repeated vandalism of @prodigymobbdeep's tribute, the mural is now being removed. We will remember Prodigy with or without a mural though, his legacy will live on! #RIPProdigy

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