Meek Mill's Lawyer Levels New Charges Against The Judge


Is Meek Mill's two-to-four-year sentence for probation violations all due to Judge Genece Brinkley's personal vendetta against him?

Meek's lawyer Joe Tacopina seems to think so, and he keeps leveling accusations against the judge, who is from the same neighborhood as Meek and knows some of the same people.

Tacopina already told the strange tale of Brinkley demanding Meek remake the Boys II Men song "On Bended Knee" and include a shout out to her. Meek thought she was joking, but she made it clear she wasn't when he refused.

He also tells Billboard that the judge tried to get Meek to switch up his management.

"When she requests he leaves his current management Roc Nation -- which is one of the most important management companies in the world -- and goes back to a local Philadelphia guy who has a spotted past because she had a personal relationship with him as manager," he said, "She's doing something that a judge would never be doing, having a personal interest."

Prosecutors had recommended no jail time for Meek, who's still in the system for a 2008 drug conviction.

But Brinkley, who's been assigned to Mill's case since the beginning, jumped in and declared that the prosecutors were too new to the case to understand how Meek just "does what he wants."

Then she slapped him with the surprisingly harsh sentence.

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