Ma$e Continues To Slam Cam'ron, Who Responds Passive Aggressively


Cam’ron spoke to Complex about his beef with Ma$e and their diss songs “The Oracle” and “Dinner Time.”

"I put a project out called The Program two weeks ago, and I told a story about something that happened in Harlem, so basically he was probably upset that I told the story," said Cam. “He finally showed some guts after like 15 years. It took him 15 years, but I was really proud of him when I heard that.”

Cam goes for a passive-aggressive sonning of Ma$e here. But Ma$e was more direct in his approach when he spoke to Ebro yesterday.

“Y’all don’t know my side of the story,” he said. “You just know his side of the story. Your whole perception of me came from Cam’ron. The whole world’s perception of me came from Cam’ron and his affiliates. My beef with Jim [Jones] comes from Cam’ron. Juelz [Santana] said even he inherited a beef with me ’cause of Cam’ron. Nobody really knows my side. That’s what made it so crazy, ’cause this the first time you heard Ma$e’s side.”

“I wasn’t having no issues in the street,” he explained. “That’s Cam’ron’s version of what happened. Listen, there’s no statute of limitations to murder, right? So if you do something to my brother, if I see you 50 years from now, it’s still lit. So I wouldn’t be able to go through Harlem today. There’s no statute of limitations on murder. Are you kidding me? I ain’t have no problems in no streets. Cam told you that and you heard that so long that that’s your perception. What I did in rap is change the narrative. All I’m saying is this: Cam can’t bully me. He ain’t tough enough to bully me. He can’t get nobody to help him bully me.”

Ma$e also said that he decided to be the bigger man in his beef with Cam’ron and let bygones be bygones.  But it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in really patching things up with him.

“I’m turning the other cheek to show I do have character. I’m turning the other cheek to say I do got love for this guy. I don’t wanna be what I could really be. It’s like a little brother hitting you and you know you can take a hit, but as soon you hit ’em back, he start crying.”

Check Ma$e on Ebro below:

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