Ma$e Says He's Not Cool With Cam'ron After Seemingly Squashing Beef


Did Cam’ron and Ma$e squash their beef or is it still going on?

It's now officially a mystery.  It seemed that the two Harlem MCs, who've known each other since they were kids, quickly kissed and made up on social media after dropping nasty diss songs against each other

In fact, it seemed like the whole thing may have been a set up to buy relevance for the forty-something rappers. Especially when they conceded on social media that they were just battling for the sport of it.

But not so fast. In a separate post, Ma$e said that Cam isn't his friend, and he was just being the bigger person when Cam reached out to him because his diss had been better than Cam's.

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Hmm. What do you think is going on here?

Update: Ma$e explained why he's still coming for Cam in an interview this morning with Ebro:

“He said something that just pushed me over the edge, I’m not going to lie. When he said, ‘the bodily harm’ thing. Saying something about someone, I don’t take that serious. When you start saying you’re going to do bodily harm or you’re thinking about that, it’s my job as a man to make sure you don’t get to do that. So every other time when he was saying little stuff about me, I let it slide because you know, we grew up. But people don’t realize, we’ve been enemies way longer than we’ve been friends. So I knew him as an enemy more than as a friend. I knew him for like 8 years as a friend, I knew him for 21 years for being an enemy. So I don’t look at him as a friend.”

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