Logic's Deal With Def Jam Dwarfs Those of His Young Peers


There's been a lot of talk lately about the nature of Lil Pump's new $8 million dollar deal with Warner Bros.

Whether that's an advance for one album, as Pump claims, or for seven years, as TMZ reports, it's still $8 million.

But you know what's better than $8 million? Or the $6 million XXXTentacion recently got from Capitol Music Group?

$30 million, which the amount Logic says his new deal with Def Jam is worth in an interview with Zane Lowe.

“When I first signed my deal, the advance was like 200 grand,” he explains. “So going from Section 8 and food stamps and welfare to 200 grand was life-changing, but the life change I’m talking about is the $30 million-dollar deal I just signed. That shit freaked me out. I felt like a target.”

We imagine that is an advance, too. 

Logic's commercial mixtape Bobby Tarantino II dropped Friday and is expected to do 115-125K first week.

That's a step down from the 247K Logic's 2017 album Everybody did first week. But since Bobby Tarantino II came less than a year after that -- and with little promo -- it's still an impressive figure and suggests Def Jam made a good investment.

Do you see Logic as a $30 million man?

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