Logic Says "F Hip Hop Acceptance" & Speaks On Making Conscious Trap Music


Logic's commercial mixtape Bobby Tarantino II opened number one on this week's Billboard Music chart.

The DMV rapper now has an impressive string of hit albums.

But he knows his music isn't for everyone. In an interview Hard Knock TV, he explains how he's over trying to do it for the culture.

"Hip Hop acceptance, all that, man, fuck it," Logic said. "And that's where I'm at . . . No matter who you are, where you are, you want to be loved and accepted. But not everybody is going to love you, not everybody is going to accept you. I don't make music for Hip Hop, I make it for my fans. And they primarily love Hip Hop music.  I used to have this thing in my head where I was, like, I wanted to make music for the culture, and I was like,'Man, what is the culture even?' I don't even know what that means. I'm just gonna make music for people who like my music and spread a positive message and that's it. That's what I do."

He followed that up by explaining how his harder-edged Tarantino alter-ego allows him to flex and brag while still staying true to himself.

"I think it just allows me to rap and not give a fuck. But I'm still conscious. I like to refer to Bobby Tarantino music as conscious trap," Logic said. "I have made a lot of money. I'm not defined by that money, but it's kinda like 'lets talk about that a little."

Skip to the seven-minute mark to hear Logic speak on finding his place in the game on his own terms.

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