Logic Said He Had To Snatch Someone's Phone For Invading His Privacy

By Daryl Nelson

Logic recently sat down with Big Boy and talked about a host of topics including the pressures of dealing with fame.

In one part of the interview, the DMV rapper recalled an incident where he had to take someone's phone for invading his privacy.

"It's about understanding boundaries for myself and the public," he said. "After the workout yesterday, I went to go eat, and I was out with a homey of mines, no security, just chillin' and there was this kid behind me ... So I'm about to place my order, and I look around again, and he's got his phone in my face. So I go up snatch his phone and I say 'How was your day?'"

From there, Logic talked to the guy and gave him a little lesson on manners.

"Can you do me a favor?" the rapper asked? "You want a picture don't you? Ask me like a man. Have some manners."

How would you have handled that situation? Would you have let the kid take the photo, did what Logic did or acted in a different way? You can hear him talk about the incident below at the 9:23 mark.

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