Lil Xan On How Teka$hi 69 Advised Him To Troll His Way Out Of His 2Pac Troubles


A few months ago, Lil Xan offended the rap gods and the rap game by saying the 2Pac was "boring" and had no clout.

The backlash came quickly. And when it did, Xan reached out to the one rapper more hated than him: Teka$hi 69.

Xan recalled their conversation on No Jumper.

"I face-time'd him. Like, when the Tupac shit was happening, you know, I wanted advice on how to deal with being hated by the world ... He just said 'You've gotta troll," Xan explained.

"I did my own shit, I just went MIA," Xan continued. "But I agreed with what he said. That's him, that's not me. But I agree, just don't take it seriously."

Is trolling the next big thing in crisis management?


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