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Waka Flocka Says Lil Xan Is Banned From Hip Hop Over 2Pac & T.I. Co-Signs

By Daryl Nelson

Waka Flocka said Lil Xan should be kicked out of Hip Hop for his comments about Tupac Shakur.

Back in February,  during an interview with RevoltTV, the "Betrayed" rapper called Pac's music boring after listening to one of his tracks.  He also gave the song a two out of 10 rating. 

Eventually, those words got back to Waka, who sent out a tweet about banning Xan from Hip Hop, which T.I. co-signed.

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Earlier this week,  Xan said he wasn't going to do any more interviews because he feels that certain publications are taking advantage of him. So we'll have to see if he sticks to his word.

Do you feel he should be criticized for not liking a Pac song or is Waka being unreasonable?

Here is Xan's response:



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