Lil Pump's Lollapalooza Set Got Shut Down for Being Too Turnt [VIDEO]


Lil Pump's tracks may not have the best words in them. But they do have some energy and that's what Pump highlighted during his set at this year's Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

In fact, he got the crowd so turnt they had to shut it down.

Afterward, Pump ripped the festival for stopping his performance.

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"Lollapalooza, listen up, that was some fuck shit," Pump said. "Ya'll stopped my whole set because everybody was fucking mosh pitting too hard, people were fainting. I stopped the show, grabbed everybody that was fainting, and they still cut my set off 'cause everybody was mosh pitting too hard. It was about to cause a riot."

People who were at the show had differing views on what happened.

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